Lighten Up This Summer - Highlights for Dark Hair

Do you want to go lighten your hair this summer but not spend around $100-$200 to do so. Well, +sophia gaither reached out to me to give her hair a lighter look without her having to spend so much money at the salon. Now with no prior experience I was able to achieve these results at home. Believe me when I say that she was reluctant at first in allowing me to make these changes to her hair. Honestly, I do think this is her first time ever receiving color to her strands. I want to add, I do not have any prior experience with highlighting hair although, I do have some experience when it comes to coloring hair and cut and style on others such as family. 

And so let's get started on how I achieved this look. If you follow these simple steps you may be able to do this too. 

First step is to follow the mixing directions. This is very simple, right? 

The next step is that you want to section your hair. 

Be sure that each section you color is almost even in size because you don't want any chunky sections. Take a small section, grab a piece of aluminum foil and add the color to your hair ensuring that you saturate the strand from root to ends.  Once that strand is saturated with product, fold the aluminum foil in half vertically and then bend in half to keep the hair and color in place. From the picture below it is not neatly done but that's okay. As long as you don't have the product dripping all over the place and the hair you're coloring isn't exposed, you will still get the desired results.

I had to apply this product very quickly because once you add color to your hair you don't want uneven results from the front to the back of your head. The product said to leave in your hair for 25 minutes or longer depending upon the results you want. I allowed this to stay in for up to an hour. I did periodically check to see how the product was reacting. 

After you are done, remove aluminum foil, conditioner your hair really well and style. 

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Permanent Haircolor, LB1 Ultra Light Cool Blonde
Aluminium Foil
Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner
Gloves (included in box but had my own)
And a whole lotta time :)



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