Revitalize Dry or Damaged Hair with Macadamia Oil Shampoo

Do you want to restore your dry or damaged hair but you can't seem to find the right product that will get you the best results? This sulfate free shampoo has been my "go to" product to restore my dry hair and brittle ends that have been caused from the overuse of heat or sun damage. I have been using this shampoo for a several months now and it has been beneficial in adding shine and moisture to my curly strands. 

Despite my use of home hair treatments, my curls still don't have the shape that they once did. Don't get me wrong, my home hair treatments are great but I was negligent by not using the right shampoo. Consequently, this was detracting from the benefits of my treatments.  I decided to change my habits and go out and find a shampoo that would effectively clean my hair without stripping it of any moisture. 

As a result, my curls are healthier and not shapeless. This product is great with the way that is able to clean my hair of all the dirt and oil, leaving my strands soft and manageable. 

Although this bottle is relatively small in size it is extremely concentrated. For example, my husband and I used the same bottle and we didn't run out of this product until recently. It remained with us for about five months before we had to purchase this shampoo again. 

Sure, you will pay a hefty price of 11.99 at Sally's but I find that you will end up saving more with this product. You will not have to go out and buy other products that will add moisture or shine to your hair because you will get those benefits from this shampoo. As always, followed by a shampoo you would want to use a conditioner. I always use Tressemme Moisture Rich Conditioner, not shown here. 

Most importantly, if you are striving for healthy hair and aren't getting the results you desire, try to switch up your routine.  Aim for products that contain ingredients that are beneficial to your strands such as macadamia oil, vitamin E and coconut oil. These natural ingredients will give your hair the vitamins and nutrients it needs to remain in a healthy and polished state.  



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