Drugstore Foundation Review: L'Oreal vs. Revlon

How do these foundations compare? Which is better? Is it L'Oreal True Match or Revlon PhotoReady makeup foundation? In my opinion, I like both of these foundations for different reasons, let me explain why. 

L'Oreal True Match foundation comes in a variety of shades to match neutral or warm skin tones. Unfortunately, I found myself having to blend two of the foundation colors shown to get a better match for my complexion. Once I blended these colors looked great. Although, I do feel that I am losing a little bit of the golden tone in my skin with this foundation by it not being a perfect fit to my skin. I overcame this hurdle by using a bronzer to add back some golden color to my skin. 

The product says that it is light to medium coverage but from my own experience I find that the coverage is that of full coverage. I don't have to wear concealer with this product as it covers any imperfections I have. This foundation is long wearing and will stay put all day. I have oily skin so it works well with this skin type. Overall, I am about 95% satisfied with this product and I think it is worth a try.  You may be able to find your true match with this foundation and I promise if you do, you will like it. The downside is not having the color of the foundation to be a "true match" for me. Here is a picture of me wearing this foundation.

This is why I decided to try Revlon PhotoReady foundation in caramel. This is the perfect shade of foundation with the right amount of coverage. This product is light to medium coverage so if you have imperfections you will need a concealer. It has a pump to squeeze the makeup onto your brush or fingers. I wore this makeup all day and it held up pretty well. It blends in well with your skin. On the bottle it is written that this foundation will give you "perfected airbrushed skin in any light", and that, it does. Once the product oxidized, it was a little scary because I couldn't believe how nice it looked. Also, this is the closest foundation I found thus far in the drugstore to best match my complexion. 

Each one of these foundations have something that I like about them so all I can say is give them a try. These are great especially if you're looking to find a foundation that you want to wear during the day for running errands or at a social gathering with friends. You can save your higher end foundations such as Laura Mercier for a special occasion. 



  1. How do these two foundations feel on the skin? Are they kind of heavy or pretty light? I'm looking for a foundation to wear on the hot summer days. Sadly I need a pretty good coverage but can't stand the heavy feel, especially during the warmer days. I have been looking through BB's but none seem to have good enough coverage :( .
    Have you ever checked out http://www.beauty.ps/tool/foundation ? It's usually what I use to find a foundation to match my skin type and skin tone. It's pretty accurate and works according to foundations you've already tried out and the coverage you're looking for.
    Hope you like it :)

    Xx Lucy


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